Period Art Exploration Journey

A 7 Day Journey to Painting with Blood
This is for you if:
- you feel stuck and blocked in your creativity
- you feel lack of inspiration
- you feel a desire to express yourself but you don’t know exactly how
- you feel disconnected from your body and womb
- you are tired of hiding your blood
- you feel called to connect with likeminded people in a small container
- you want to try something new
- you are curious about painting with blood
- you want to have a different approach to your mentruation and blood

What is Special About this Program?

- Do it at your own pace and according to your menstrual cycle
- Telegram community where we connect to other Women, share our pieces of art and support each other
- One online gathering
- Learn how to paint with your period
-Daily prompts and hints for reflection and exploration
- Explore, unlock and develope yout creative skills with ease
- Connect with your body and your blood
- Self love, self acceptance and respect

Period Art Exploration Journey

Adriana Lopes

I see myself as a conscious Co-Creator and Free Spirit. I support Women (re)connecting to their body and feminine nature through Period Painting and Natural Gynecology solutions and practices.

Find more about me here ;)

Let's walk this journey together, are you in?